Attention Freelancers:

Ron Hill Imagery is always looking for new talented professionals to to join our team. If you are a freelance, fresh out of film school or hobbyist looking to move to the next level or think can fulfill one of the many video production positions, then fill out the form below. Please be honest about yourself, your reference and your previous work. Include any links to online videos or references. You may also choose to upload them in the file upload fields provided below. Please don’t send us high resolution 100GB files. Keep files under 2GB Thank you.


Ron Hill Imagery has many opportunities for individuals that are looking to break into the video production industry.
That opportunity would be to work as an “Intern” within our company.
As an intern you will have the opportunity to learn all about different aspects and different responsibilities as part of a crew working on various Productions.
While you gain this valuable experience as an intern, there will be no monetary compensation for your learning experience.
Once you have mastered the skills needed for the specific responsibilities that is required for a position within our company or on a shoot, possible monetary compensation will be awarded. However many shoots require low experience workers to preform multiple- tasks, once you have shown that you have the skill level set needed and is capable taking on the requirements for a position within our company or on a shoot and that you are also dependable and dedicated, then you will be able to start earning a freelance rate or get hired into a Production company.

No Immediate openings for full time work.

However, Ron Hill Imagery is always looking for motivated individuals to work in our Rental & Equipment department and other duties. The Ideal candidate will have a good working knowledge of Video production equipment, from lighting to grip gear and cameras and audio equipment. If you feel you meet the qualifications please send us your info through the form below and we will keep you on file. Please do not call to check on your employment status, if a position becomes available and we feel that you are a candidate we will call to schedule an interview.

Job Duties:
1.) Must have experience with camera equipment, support equipment for the cameras, some audio knowledge, &  be familiar with lighting and grip equipment.
2.) Must be able to continually learn new equipment as it is added into the inventory. Must have great attention to detail and a working knowledge of where the equipment is stored, whether in cases and/or on designated shelves.
3.) Candidate must have computer knowledge, whether on Mac or PC, to inventory equipment, as well as other communication skills, such as email, some media management and general navigational skills on the computer.
4.) Candidate must have personable phone and people skills, as this job also requires Customer interaction whether on phone or in person. The candidate must be able to gather information and greet the Customer with a friendly hospitality that shows our gratitude for their business.
5.) Candidate will need to have ability to work on projects alone with instructions to pull equipment or equipment packages together for Renters and RHI crews as needed.
6.) Candidate will need to be able to acclimate to our quick pace system of equipment orders as it comes and then prioritize and prep the equipment at a moment’s notice.
7.) Candidate is responsible to do a systematic diagnostic equipment check on the Checkout & Return of each piece of equipment from RHI.
8.) Candidate will be required to do light maintenance on anything associated with the equipment and other items in the equipment room. (to the best of his/her ability and may have a training session to complete these tasks)
9.) Candidate must also be able to assess any technical problems with the equipment and will need to provide that information to an RHI Supervisor. Candidate may be required to order parts as needed and complete necessary paperwork to perform this job.
10.) Candidate will need to perform problem solving tasks with situations that may arise with any of our Customers. This will include conversations to help trouble shoot any technical questions or problems that may arise with our equipment, whether over the phone or in person.
11.) Candidate may be required to perform his/her services, as a representative of RHI, on location or on a shoot as needed (this may be an RHI production or with a Customer).
12.) This is a non-traditional job with hours that may require additional hours within a day’s work and on the weekends and holidays, to accommodate the equipment orders from our Customers and from our own Production shoots.
13.) This is a job that will require dedication and commitment; we are looking for someone to become our Long term Resident. This is not an intermediary job for positions within the Video Production Industry.

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