We make you look good

Ron Hill Imagery has served the highest levels of the broadcast industry for over 30 years. We shoot with cutting edge technology and techniques—The Sony F3, the RED Epic-M, and the Photron Fastcam and more. If you can imagine a shot, we can get it. Our pros have worked all over the world—from the deserts of Kuwait to the tropics of Tahiti to the wilderness of Alaska to the jungles of Los Angeles—we know how to get the shot, no matter where it is. Ron Hill, the Grand Master of visual artistry at RHI has been innovating images for over 40 years. He understands the effect of light on any surface, and how to capture images that tell stories in every frame—whether its underwater with the sharks, in a sandstorm or in a classroom with refugees—he sees the essence of the subject and gets it in the can. We also understand that getting the shot is only the beginning. We know how to tell a story; the trenches of broadcast journalism and the emotional drama of inspiring mini-documentaries about the human spirit have taught us how long to linger on a shot, how much back story to reveal, how much light a subject deserves.

Our crews are good

We feature small, adept crews who know how to maximize equipment and work fast in tight spaces like hospitals, boardrooms and helicopters. And we know how to gear up for a motion picture with the amenities it requires: catering, honey wagons, bleachers, portable sun, big screen video playback and sushi chefs.

We make you feel good

We’ve developed a system of checks and rechecks to make sure everything you imagine is captured in the camera, and everything in the camera is backed up on set and backed up again in studio. We cut on Avid, Premier or Final Cut Pro, and finalize effects and color on After Effects, Autodesk’s 3dsmax and Davinci Resolve. All under the watchful, artistic eye of veteran pro Mark Nelson and his trusty sidekick JC Bendock. Anybody can learn how to push buttons, but getting a finished piece that pushes all the right emotional buttons is our forte. At the end of the day, we deliver more than you expected, and it’s safe and protected.

Good is as good does

The less people who touch your project the safer, more efficient it is. Keeping it under one roof, with one great project bulldog overseeing it means far less chance of losing momentum, or worse, losing data. Meet Kiyono; The RHI Oracle. She knows every detail about every job and every piece of equipment and data that goes with it. You can trust her with your life, and more importantly, your job; we do, and so far, we’re still here.


Directing, Crewing, Post Production, Visual Effects, Equipment Rentals and more. We have the equipment and the personnel to make you look good. Call Kiyono to talk about your project. She won’t bite, we promise.